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29 сентября 2011 - ФИЯ БГПУ

Кафедра английской филологии и МПАЯ участвует в гранте фонда Оксфорд – Россия; преподаватели принимают участие в Международных семинарах «Современная британская литература в учебном процессе в российских вузах». Основная цель фонда – обеспечить образовательный процесс современной британской литературой. На кафедре имеются 24 наименований книг современной британской литературы. Общая сумма гранта составила 200 тысяч рублей.



  1. Graham Swift Waterland (1983); 4th year. Brilliant, complex, serious, much to discuss; a history teacher's stories about his own teenage years, involving family history, love, murder and philosophy with a beautiful if tragic atmosphere. Books 10 Commentaries 1
  2. Hilary Mantel An Experiment in Love (1995); 4th year. A very intelligent, intense story about girl students; short, but very demanding because of its language and approach. Too difficult for younger readers - Mantel’s view of the world requires a sense of life’s complexities and an attention to detail. Mantel is one of the finest writers in Britain today. Books 16 Commentaries 8
  3. Julian Barnes A History of the World in 10 and a Half Chapters (1989); 4th year, perhaps 3rd. A brilliant, speculative, unexpected approach to the meaning of life, art, religion and love from an English point of view. It can be discussed in sections which is useful. Books 18 Commentaries 6
  4. Jonathan Coe What a Carve Up! (1994) 3rd year, 4th year. A long novel with a complicated structure; part-satire, part-ruminative love story. Lots of extra material including pictures and documents. Historians/economists/non-philologists also enjoy it, especially the satire. Books 1 Commentaries 1
  5. David Lodge Nice Work (1988); 3rd and 4th year. A university comic novel. Intelligent, witty, lots of discussions, lots about university - and about business and industrial work. Books 15 Commentaries 12
  6. Pat Barker Regeneration (1991); 4th year. Perhaps 3rd year. A thoughtful novel, set in 1917, about war, poetry, personality under stress. A minority novel, but excellent for those who enjoy serious reading. Books 10 Commentaries 2
  7. Michael Frayn Headlong (1999); 3rd year, 4th year. A philosophical black comedy with much art history. Many students and teachers love this novel - but as with all the other novels, the reader is expected to think. Books 12 Commentaries 2
  8. Ian McEwan Atonement (2001); 4th year. A very difficult novel - and not much like the film. К story exploring the moral responsibilities of the artist which includes sections on war. Very demanding language and long. Students must be experienced readers but many love it. Books 20 Commentaries 4
  9. Nick Hornby About a Boy (1998); Good 2nd year. 3rd year. A comic novel about a painful situation for a 12-year-old boy. Most students love this novel. (The film isn't bad, but watch it afterwards when the students will understand how much better the novel is.) Books 26 Commentaries 8
  10. Esther Freud The Sea House (2003); Good 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year. Two love stories separated and connected by nearly 50 years. So some historical context, and difficult situations. Plenty of recognizable emotions and a wonderful sense of place. Books 15 Commentaries 5
  11. Zadie Smith White Teeth (2000); Good 3rd year students; 4th year. A wonderful study of multicultural London today, using three families and several generations. Funny, warm - but long. Most students struggle until they get into it. Then it ‘clicks’ and the bright ones love it - and love writing about it. Books 6
  12. Beryl Bainbridge Master Georgie (1998); 4th year. Only for experienced readers, this is a strange but powerful novel of love and obsession, set in nineteenth century Liverpool and in the Crimea during the Crimean war. Beryl Bainbridge who died in 2010 is a classic English eccentric genius, and this is probably her masterpiece. Books 10 Commentaries 1
  13. Barry Unsworth Morality Play (1995); 4th year. Perhaps 3rd year, because it is short and the language is not difficult. But it is a troubling, dark, oblique novel, brilliant but not simple, set in the fourteenth century. It involves a murder mystery, concepts of God and the nature of drama. Books 14 Commentaries 1
  14. David Mitchell Black Swan Green (2006); 3rd and 4th year. Perhaps intelligent 2nd year students. The story of a 13-year-old boy told by himself. Growing up in rural England in 1982, full of colloquial and slangy teenage language. On another level, a novel about learning to understand the world - courage, loss, families, war, art, poetry, honesty. Very fine. Books 14 Commentaries 5
  15. Julia Darling The Taxi Driver's Daughter (2003); 2nd and 3rd year. A fine study of a family in crisis, mostly from the point of view of an independent 15-year-old.Sympathetic, intelligent, not too difficult, set in Newcastle in the north of England. Books 10
  16. Adam Thorpe Ulverton (1992); 4th year for very good students, wonderful for diploma/MA students who care for literature, history and language. This is a masterpiece - but it is difficult. The commentary should make it much easier. It consists of 12 stories, set at different dates from 1660 to 1986, each told by a person of strong temperament and views, all linked by the fact that the narrators come from one village. Books 11 Commentaries 1
  17. Ruth Rendell Portobello (2008); 2nd and 3rd year. A novel by a well-known crime writer which is not quite a murder mystery though it contains plenty of action and excitement. Set in a lively part of contemporary London. Books 15 Commentaries 12
  18. Bernard MacLaverty Grace Notes (1998); 4th year. And thoughtful 3rd year students. A beautiful novel about a young woman composer from Northern Ireland who has to struggle with the contradictions of family and motherhood on the one hand, and the imposing demands of music on the other. The writing is quite simple, the implications are more complex. Books 6 Commentaries 4
  19. Sebastian Faulks A Week in December (2009); 3rd and 4lh year. A novel about contemporary Britain, following the lives of seven characters - a financier, a footballer, an Islamic student, an underground train driver, a lawyer, a reviewer and a schoolboy - during a week in December 2007. Tense and exciting, but quite complicated. Books 10 Commentaries 1
  20. Magnus Macintyre Whirligig (2013); 3rd -4th year, perhaps 2nd year. A lively, comic, very humane novel of a middle-aged London man who finds himself living with wise eccentrics on the west coast of Scotland. Books 15 Commentaries 6
  21. David Hare Stuff Happens (2004); 2nd 3rd 4lh - for students interested in the international world. A play about events leading up to the invasion of Iraq by the USA with the United Kingdom as its ally in 2003. It shows the debates of the various politicians - Bush, Rumsfeld, etc - and the involvement of Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister. While critical of what happened, it is a fact-based play about power, choices, self-delusions. Books 4 Commentaries 3
  22. David Edgar Testing the Echo (2008); 2nd, 3rd 4th year. A play about people from all parts of the world who are living in Britain and trying to become British citizens. It explores varied reasons for wanting to attain British citizenship, looks at how it is done, and investigates cultural conflicts. Many characters and short scenes, so a play to be acted in the classroom. Books l7 Commentaries 6
  23. John Lanchester Capital (2012); 3rd, 4th.A long novel, but easy to read and swift moving. A study of Londoners from all social groups, living in one street, over a crucial few months in 2008. Lively, funny and moving. It has ‘types’, but they become more than types - and will tell you a lot about our modern capital. Books 12
  24. Mark Haddon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (2004); 2nd, 3rd, 4lh year. This is already a classic - a story told by an intelligent autistic teenager who does not respond as most of us do, and who starts to engage in detective work. Moving, funny, sad, a story in which we are far from the narrator and yet very close to him. The language is not difficult. Books 16
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